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Monday, January 7, 2013

Be a person worth investing scholarships in

Do you realize you're an investment to scholarship providers? You are, and you need to prove to them you're a good one.

In your essays and application materials, if you just talk about your awards, your 13-point life plan, or your intended college degree, you’re not going to get many scholarships. Why? Because everyone can come up with a life plan and goals, and everyone can choose a degree.

Make sure you have everything exactly in order with your 13-point life plan. But don't let it control you -- show how helping you will help others and be an investment in the community. (Image courtesy of

Instead, scholarship providers are giving scholarships because they want to help people—and so they want to help people who are going to help other people. Show them how investing in you is going to be a tremendous return on investment, so that by helping you, their money will actually be helping the world.

That way, they'll want to help you fund college through scholarships.