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Curriculum and Consulting

Thousand Dollar Hour Online Course 

This 400-page course is built like an educational course and is designed to make it as easy as possible for students to win scholarships by giving them a systematic method to find and apply for them. Students are personally taken through the book in a series of 15 lessons complete with videos, MP3 podcasts, worksheets, quizzes, checklists, templates, and real-world stories and resources so the scholarship-winning process is made as clear (and fun!) as possible.

By the end of the course, students will not only have applied for at least three scholarships but will also have:
  • Determined their life goals and passions 
  • Developed an attitude of optimism, dedication, and organization 
  • Written three versions of the standard scholarship application essay 
  • Found references, received transcripts, and listed all their honors/awards 
  • Customized more than five Excel spreadsheets for maximum organization 
  • Personalized their own scholarship-winning method 
  • Developed dozens of life skills that will help them for the rest of their life
  • And much more! 

The Thousand Dollar Hour Scholarship Course equips and trains students with all the resources they need for them to be fully empowered to fund college through scholarships. I developed this for Minnesota College Funding Strategies, and will soon be offered by me!

Scholarship Consulting

I know sometimes you just need more personalized help with scholarships. That's why I offer personal consulting to help you find scholarships, edit your essays, and create stunning applications!

$50/ hour searching for scholarships
  • Send me your information (honors, awards, activities), and I will personally search for scholarships for you to maximize your effectiveness and efficiency in funding college through scholarships!

$25/half hour Skype/phone consultation 
  • Topics may include working through the online scholarship course, specific questions about an application, or writing a scholarship essay. Let me help you with your unique situation and maximize your particular strengths!
$20/essay or application edit 
  • I will give you outlines, suggestions, writing advice, and help you make your essay stand above the rest! Documents are reviewed using Microsoft Word. 

Package pricing
  • For those who want flexible coaching, this means you simply pay one large sum (a common choice is $250), out of which you can use any of the above services. Simply tell me what you want at any time, I will deduct the cost of it out of your total, and we will go until the sum is used up!

FREE Skype consultation (half hour) or essay edit if someone purchases any consulting service from me on your recommendation. FREE half hour Skype consultation and FREE essay/application edit if you refer me to a group to whom she then speaks (ex., high school, college, church, 4-H club, community education).

To book a session, e-mail me at!