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My Book

Unfortunately, I can't personally speak to every student in America, as I discovered how to pay for college through scholarships -- not how to make a cloning machine. (I'm working on that, though.) Therefore, I've written an e-book so that all of you whom I can't personally speak to can still discover how to pay for college entirely through scholarships.

It's called Thousand Dollar Hour: Funding College Through Scholarships and is packed with every single tip I ever learned in my years of successful scholarship hunting, including the following:
  1. The number one place people should be looking for scholarships -- and never do.
  2. How to double your money on select scholarships with a single mouse click.
  3. The way to exponentially increase your chances of getting a scholarship simply by process of elimination.
  4. The piece of the scholarship timeline that no one I've ever met has done, but can get you tons of money.
  5. The scholarship search engine everyone uses but is one you could practically forget about.
  6. How you know what scholarships you'll probably never get so you can save time and forget about them.
  7. A database of every scholarship search engine I could find and my reviews of which are the best and which are the worst.
And much, much more! (As those infomercials say, anyway.)

The e-book is only $10 (or less, because some of the places have discounts), as I didn't want to make you go broke trying to learn how to earn money... You can buy it on any number of places:
You can also buy it in print format for $14.99!
  • Amazon 
  • CreateSpace (please buy it here if you have a choice, as Amazon takes a huge commission!)

It's not available as a PDF, sorry. If you don't have one of those whiz-bang e-readers, just go to my book link on Amazon and in the upper right-hand corner, click "Available on Your PC," and then download "Kindle for PC" or "Kindle for Mac" and read it that way. It'll take you just a few seconds to download, I promise.

Because if it is a PDF, it's just such an awesome book people are going to start e-mailing it to all their friends and family and babysitter's cousin's book club leader's neighbor's dog walker and pretty soon it'll be all over and everyone will be rich off scholarships but me. Who, despite not having a cent of college loans, does not fancy eating Ramen noodles for the rest of her life because she has no money. (Though if you want an awesome Ramen noodle salad recipe, go here.) So, buy the book. Tell me what you think. E-mail me with questions. And have fun making free money!