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Don't just take my word for it. Here is what others have said about me and my speaking and teaching!

"Hannah is an inspiration to students and parents alike. I cannot endorse her seminar enough -- her tips and advice are invaluable and Hannah herself is the proof that they work!"
~Jackie Sommers
Recruitment Manager at Northwestern College 

"Hannah provided very useful information to my honors students about how to find and apply for college scholarships.  She explains things well in a lively, engaging manner."
             ~Dr. Kathleen Black
             Director of Honors and Multidisciplinary Programs
             Northwestern College

“Hannah Rivard is an exceptional person able to communicate in a very easy to understand style.  I am amazed at what she has been able to accomplish but I also believe that others can have similar results.  No one can deny that graduating from college without any debt is a huge accomplishment.  In my practice as a college funding advisor, I have not witnessed anything close to Hannah’s accumulation of private scholarships.  Hannah has created a systematic approach that can dramatically increase a student’s chances of finding and winning scholarships.  I am convinced that her system, paired with determination and hard work, will produce results.”
Certified College Funding Advisor
Minnesota College Funding Strategies