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Monday, September 17, 2012

How much time should I spend on scholarships?

How much time should you spend on scholarships?

Probably more than you think.

Just because scholarships are an efficient way to pay for college doesn't mean they're an easy way. You're going to want to dedicate a solid chunk of time to find, choose, apply for, and follow up on scholarships.

It helps if you schedule specific times for scholarship hunting-applying: For example, two hours on Saturdays, or every Thursday night. I can’t give you a specific time you should allot in your schedule, but when I was funding college through scholarships, I would generally spend a full day searching for scholarships online once every month or two, and then a several hours each week after that putting together applications.

If this is your schedule, you might want to stuff "scholarships" somewhere in there. (Image courtesy of

But really, I didn’t limit myself. Every time I had some free time, I’d usually find myself looking for scholarships.

So put on iTunes, play some Disney music, pop in a movie, and get scholarship hunting on your calendar! It's worth it -- paying for college is worth it.